Amber & Nick – Beautiful Vintage Wedding in Australia

Amber and Nick tied the knot on Saturday 22nd February 2014. Amber got in touch with Dotty Vintage Weddings, and told me that she had used the blog for lots of inspiration when planning their wedding day. So, we’re extra happy to be featuring her special day on Dotty!

nick&amber_22feb2014_HRB&W-112 (Copy)

nick&amber_22feb2014_HRB&W-14 (Copy)

nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-102 (Copy)Their venue was Campbell Point House, which is situated in Victoria, Australia. The house has been modelled on the beautiful extravagant chateaus of rural France. It is truly an exquisite wedding venue, and offered Amber and Nick the perfect backdrop for their celebration.
nick&amber_22feb2014_LRGALLERY-40 (Copy)
nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-90 (Copy)
nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-149 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-130 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-63 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-45 (Copy)
The venue sleeps up to twenty two people, which meant that their families were able to stay with them in the lead up to the day, which was a real help for the couple.

nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-173 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-172 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-175 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-191 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-184 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-185 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-198 (Copy)

Amber’s dress was designed by Karen Willis Holmes, a renowned Australian designer who is widely acclaimed in the bridal fashion marketplace. Her designs are available to purchase in the UK, with an exclusive London stockist >> check out Luella’s Boudoir, who are based in Wimbledon. I also completely love her mismatched bridesmaid dresses! Amber’s make up was by Blush Make Up Artistry who came to the venue on the day and helped her to create her bridal look.

nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-8 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-123 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-151 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-162 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-152 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-124 (Copy)

I adore all of the little handmade details that featured throughout the wedding. Amber explains that her Mum made her cake, and the little jam wedding favours were made by her Nan. I love it when a couple incorporate personal and sentimental additions to their day.
nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-221 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-361 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-472 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-349 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_LRGALLERY-41 (Copy)
Amber also made all of the menus and programs for the day herself, along with some of the venue flowers which she had help with from her bridesmaids. Their wedding is full of love, laughter and true happiness – I’m honestly honoured to feature their images.
nick&amber_22feb2014_HRB&W-68 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-309 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_LRGALLERY-80 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRB&W-106 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-305 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-293 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-559 (Copy)
The photographers behind the wedding images here are The White Tree, “We are a teeny tiny group of like-minded, young, friendly, creative photographers. We love weddings. But we don’t like clichés. We thrive on capturing anything and everything. Every wedding is a blank canvass. This is exciting for us and creatively inspiring. We relish the variables of the day and the freedom from a controlled studio environment. We have a delicate and technical understanding (and love) for natural light.  For brilliant wedding photographs, this is paramount.”
nick&amber_22feb2014_LRGALLERY-102 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-461 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-429 (Copy) nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-395 (Copy)
nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-344 (Copy)
nick&amber_22feb2014_HRCOLOUR-513 (Copy)
Thank you again to Amber and Nick for allowing us to feature their wedding on Dotty Vintage Weddings. Wishing you both oodles of love and lifetime of married bliss.

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