9 Useful Bridal Beauty Tips

Planning a wedding involves a lot of work, and that’s an understatement!
Whilst it can be made much easier with free online tools like WeddingSite at your disposal, your hair and beauty requires just the same level of organisation. Bringing together the beautiful dress, your make-up in particular can make you look a million bucks.
Wedding Day Make Up Top Tips
You’ve got the white dress sorted and the perfect shoes. Your hair is complete, but what about your make-up? You don’t need to stick to the usual blushed cheek and subtle eyeshadow. Your wedding day is all about the couple and your individual sense of style so here are some unique ideas for creating the perfect wedding day make-up:
Do the prep
Beauty wise, prepping for your wedding isn’t a one hour task (sorry to say) but something that requires a little more effort. For example, always remember to exfoliate and moisturise your entire body as well as your face. And of course, every bride needs some pampering so why not throw in a spa day as well.
Wedding Bridesmaids Spa Day
Apply a little more than usual
I’m not talking about the clown mask, but you’re in for a long day with A LOT of photographs being taken. Applying slightly more makeup than you would usually wear will stop you looking too washed out. You can always do a test run before the big day and take a couple of photos to check you’re on the right track.
Don’t forget the little things
With so much focus on eyes and lips, we forget the little makeup tricks that make a huge difference. For example, your eyebrows and cheekbones. For your eyebrows, it’s best to use a lighter and darker tone if you can then starting from the middle, work your way out before filling in the inside.
Wedding Day Bridal Make Up
Get your skincare routine nailed
Whether it’s primer, BB cream or moisturiser, make sure your skin is in top condition. What’s more, a decent base will make your amazing makeup last much longer. Another useful tip – steer clear of oily creams especially if you’re getting married on a warm day. Oil-free will keep your skin looking fresh, not greasy.
Use different shades of foundation to define your best features. Also remember to add highlights to your cheekbones as well.
Don’t overdo it
Let your natural beauty shine through by limiting your makeup to just the essentials and refining them rather than adding in all these products that just aren’t you. With too much makeup, you will feel even more uncomfortable – not good for your nerves.
Go waterproof
Not only are weddings an emotional affair but hard work from start to finish. Not only will waterproof makeup stand the possible sobbing test but it is far more durable too. For your eye makeup, you can get waterproof glue for the false lashes, mascara and eye shadow…


Carry a small bag with you
Even the most sturdy of products cannot withstand an entire day under wedding circumstances. Take a small bag with you to top yourself up throughout the day.
Get that dazzling smile
You’re going to be smiling…..a lot! So, get your teeth whitened either professionally (this can last up to year) or try out one of the many over-the-counter products that do actually work as well. Also, wearing a rose lipstick or darker will give the illusion of whiter teeth.
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