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I was ever so chuffed to feature Crystal Dream Weddings in the last edition of Dotty Magazine. Ronnie Harvey is the creative individual behind the business, and I caught up with her to find out more.

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When did you start the business, and what was your inspiration for doing so ?
I’ve always loved art and making things – creating new things to love from things previously loved, and bringing the qualities of crystals to add special meaning to the items that I create. A good friend asked me to make some very special jewellery for her wedding and I realised that I loved being able to create beautiful things for special occasions, items that really mean something. 
Crystal1 Crystal3Can you tell me about the ethos behind your business?
For me, it’s about creating something pretty and unique, whether that’s a bespoke tiara or hair comb or turning vintage doilies into stunning bunting. It’s making the most of the world we have, celebrating the beautiful and ethereal, creating a striking piece that may go on to be a treasured family heirloom. My ethos is about listening, whether that is to a bride who wants a hair decoration personal to her and her day, or sensing and listening what would be the right thing to make from a particular piece of vintage fabric or doily, whether it needs carefully bringing back to life in a different colour or emphasising its charm with crystals.


I offer pretty vintage inspired bunting, each length individually created from pre-loved fabrics in a variety of colours and designs, enhanced by crystals. I can make bespoke bunting too, to suit a wedding theme or feel.
I offer unique, one-of-a-kind hair tiaras, combs and accessories. Some I have made already and are available to buy now. Or, I can create bespoke pieces, with a prescription style crystal decoration – brides can tell me their favourite colours and the qualities they would like brought to their big day and I will incorporate crystals with those meanings into their piece. For instance, some brides choose hope, joy, love and constancy, so I choose the appropriate crystals. Another bride may want family, love, fertility, energy and joy – I will make a beautiful item they will love and cherish and which will also bring those qualities to them on their wedding day. It’s a very special feeling for me to have this wonderful part in such an important time in their lives.


I’m organise a vintage themed wedding – can you help at all?
Yes, I’d love to! I can supply the beautiful bunting you like, in the colours and lengths you need to create not only a great look for your guests – and those all important photographs – but the atmosphere you’ve dreamed of too. Talk to me if you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve got plenty! I think it can be helpful to bounce ideas and thoughts with someone new, someone who can bring a fresh eye and unbiased suggestions. I love doing that, and I don’t take it personally if brides don’t use all my ideas!


Tell me about your favourite product that you have available to purchase at the moment…
I think that’s my buttercup bunting! I created this, inspired by the cheery yellow flowers in my wood, they are so resilient and seem everlasting too. I love the bright pops of colour in the wood, little sparks of energy in the field of meadow grass and trees, I have that feeling of optimism every time I look at this bunting.


Are you exhibiting at any wedding fairs or events this year?
I’m looking forward to getting out and about next year but for now, I’m enjoying working outdoors in the summer sunshine, cutting and sewing and designing and making my bunting and crystal tiaras with summer love.

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What’s the best way to get in touch with you?
You can visit my Etsy Shop by clicking here, and you can also find me on Twitter!

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