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The Crafty Hen offer beautifully alternative hen party experiences throughout the UK, with a fabulous range of craft workshops available.


If you’d love spend the afternoon of your Hen Do with your nearest and dearest making professionally finished textiles, then a Crafty Hen Do might be the perfect option for you. From bunting, fascinators and garters, to corsages, bouquets and buttonholes, there is a huge selection of workshops available for you to choose from. If you’re a fan of vintage, then you could always incorporate vintage fabrics or antique lace into your ideas too.
The lovely ladies at the Crafty Hen have put together a little pinwheel tutorial for you crafty brides as a little treat!

small pinwheel (1)

You will need –
– Sheet of paper cut to a square (origami paper, works well, but anything coloured will do, try old magazines, annuals, music scores etc)
– A paper fastener
– Scissors
– Hole punch
– Straw (drinking)
Instructions –
  1. Take the sheet of origami paper and fold in half corner-to-corner, unfold, and repeat in the opposite direction. Your paper should be folded along the dotted lines like in the diagram.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 19.24.38

  1. Cut along the dotted line/ folds until your get to around 1cm from the middle. Shown by the circle in the diagram.
  1. Use a hole punch, or sharp pencil to punch holes where the dark circles are on the diagram.
  1. Make the 4 holes on the four points meet at the center circle, by overlapping them. Push the ends of the split pin through the holes on the pinwheel, then, push the pin through the center circle to the back.
  1. Open out the split pin fully and then close together again, but not fully. Slot into the top of the straw (closer to the bendy end). The pins ‘legs’ should be wide enough to slot into the end of the straw and hold itself in with the tension at the edges.
  1. Now you are ready to try-out your beautiful pinwheel. All you will need is a little bit of wind to make your pinwheel spin round and round. Have fun!
  1. Why not place it in a nice vintage vase or teapot for that truly vintage look!
Crafty Hen workshops can take place at any location of your choice, whether that be within your home or at a special venue. Prices start from £28.00 per person. Find out more on the Crafty Hen website.
“The Crafty Hens were brilliant. The hen herself was very excited to be making something for her wedding and with 18 of us working together we made much more than they expected! They brought some fabulous vintage fabrics. Worth every penny I think, and will be lovely to look at the bunting at the wedding and to know that we made it!”
 Zoe – Stroud Bunting Hen Party, April 2013

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