Guest Post – A Vintage Wedding that won’t (literally) cost you the Earth!

This evening’s blog post comes from the lovely Amy Carrington, of Katie’s Cards. Amy shares some top eco-friendly wedding tips so you can enjoy your vintage wedding with a clear conscious!
At a time when many people are becoming more aware of environmental and ethical issues, I thought it would be helpful to put together a few tips about how to make your wedding day as environmentally friendly and as ethical as possible whilst sticking to a rustic, vintage-inspired theme. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be expensive either.
Katie's Cards
In fact, many of the suggestions below – such as making your own wedding favours or sending electronic ‘Save the Date’ cards – will help you save a few pennies:
Food, Glorious Food
Source locally produced, seasonal food. This cuts down on food miles and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Image sourced here.
Rustic Wedding Food
Wedding Favours
I think it’s best to keep favours simple and elegant. For a rustic feel, try making some chocolate truffles and wrapping them in little boxes to leave at each guest’s place setting. Alternatively, stew some fruit to make homemade jam, divide it into little mason jars and tie each jar with a strand of gingham ribbon.
Wedding Seed Favours
I also love the idea of giving guests a pouch of seeds of the flowers used at your wedding – a cost-effective, personal token for your guests to leave with which will provide a reminder of your wedding day for years to come. Image sourced here.
If you’re using fresh flowers, try to source them from local planters and use flowers that are in season.
Baby's Breath Bouquets
Think outside the box and furnish the venue with the plants and flowers that are grown in abundance in the English countryside such as baby’s breath, cowslips or the classic English rose. Image sourced here.
Place Settings
Make sure the name cards at each place setting are made out of paper or card that’s 100% recycled and is FSC certified. Image sourced here.
Eco Friendly Place Cards
Alternatively, if you live near a beach, why not pick up some pebbles and use a calligraphy pen to write the name of each guest on an individual stone? These give a lovely personal touch and are a nice memento for each guest to take home. If you’re lucky, you may even come across heart-shaped pebbles for the bride and groom.
Save the Date Cards
By choosing to send eco-friendly ‘Save the Date’ E-Cards instead of paper cards you can reduce your carbon footprint because no fuel is needed to buy or deliver the cards and no resources are needed to manufacture them.
E Card Wedding
Katie’s Cards has a beautiful collection of vintage-inspired electronic ‘Save the Date’ cards that will reach your friends and family instantly, wherever in the world they may be.
The Dress
And, finally, when buying your dress, choosing your venue and deciding upon your decorations, try to support fair trade by researching suppliers who practice equal pay, treat their workers well and are environmentally friendly. Image sourced here.
Eco Couture
If you’d like to see the rest of the E-Card Range by Katie’s Cards, then take a look at their website and social media pages.
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