Hosting the perfect bridal shower…

Charlotte joins us once more on Dotty Vintage Weddings. This time, she discusses how you can host the perfect bridal shower…

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The term ‘bridal shower’ originated across the pond in the United States over one hundred years ago. Typically the ‘shower’ involves giving gifts to the bride in question and in recent years has slowly taken off here in the UK with many being surprised by their chief maids and showered with lingerie, champagne and maybe a ‘toy’ or two.
I’ve been to a few showers myself and have always had a fabulous time whilst nibbling on sophisticated canapés and sipping a cocktail. But what if you have never been, or are thinking of throwing your lovely friend a shower of your own? Many see it as an alternative to the more commonly known ‘hen’ party here in the UK.


When it comes to hosting a bridal shower, there really aren’t many rules; it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. A few things to consider would be that the bride or her family should never host said event, hence this is where you step in. With weddings costing in excess of £300 for the guests when outfits, hotels and gifts are included, some of her lady friends may not be so keen. Next, invite only people who are definitely coming to the wedding, but not everyone. Think about discussing this with the bride so you get an idea on names. A bridal shower is usually seen as the more intimate get-together with the brides very nearest and dearest involved whereas the hen party is seen as the fun gathering with the girls where the bride can really let her hair down.


The date should be roughly half way, don’t allow your bride to stress about the party, the whole point is that it is seen as a chance to forget about wedding planning and just have a good old laugh with her friends.
You don’t have to choose a theme but it may give you something to work with if you do. Many bridal showers go with the ‘afternoon tea’ theme and serve cupcakes and cocktails from delicate bone china, again fitting in with the theme of sophistication. Think about what your bride enjoys, likes and gets up to in her spare time and then focus the day around this, if your bride loves spending hours in the kitchen and creating new dishes, consider a foodie based day with recipe swap and even a bake-off? Or maybe she loves cocktails so think about hiring a bartender to create a drink unique to your bride and her future hubby.


Hosting a bridal shower for one of your best friends is a brilliant way for the bride to relax for a moment or two before the wedding day. Planning a bridal shower is a really special way to show her you really love her to bits and can’t wait to share in one of the most important days of her life, it’s your own way of saying thank you.
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