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This evening, I am very excited to share with you the organic liqueur company – Gibson’s Organic.


I had the chance to try these lovely liqueurs which have been perfect over the summer weeks for a cocktail bursting with flavour. The liqueurs came as little miniatures which are now available as gift sets. They are great as a wedding favour, wedding gift or even for the soon-to-be married couple to experiment and play with to create their perfect signature cocktail. I had a chat with Rosalind to tell me a little more about the business…cocktail 2
When did you the business start and what was the inspiration for doing so?
Miles, the liqueur maker and grower, started growing organic fruit in his field about 8 years ago. He says he just wanted to get out of London and thought the only way you could live in the countryside was by being a farmer. More to the point, I think it was in his blood. His mother was a well-known garden designer and his father’s family were ranchers in Argentina.
A trained psychotherapist, he took a year off to do placements on organic farms around the UK, gleaning valuable experience and inspiration from other organic farmers, deciding quite firmly that he wanted to make organic liqueurs using the most English fruit in the most traditional way. After several experiments, he came up with his perfect recipe and he launched the blackcurrant and raspberry liqueurs commercially three years ago.


Who works behind the scenes at Gibson’s Organic ?
Currently it’s just me and Miles, with volunteer workers helping out in the summer months. If the harvest is particularly abundant, then pretty much everyone gets roped in to help fruit picking!

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What makes your company stand out from the rest?
I think it’s a real stand out business because of the integrity of the liqueurs and the liqueur maker. There are no sulphites, no additives, and everything is done by hand only using fruit that’s been grown on the farm. The fruit is pressed and made into the liqueurs just about 100 metres from the field, so it couldn’t be fresher and fruitier! It feels really inspirational, and knowing what a stickler Miles it, you know that no corners will ever be cut; it’s a really comforting thought in a fast food, fast everything age to have something so special, where every moment is treasured and the fruit is coaxed out of the soil so gently.
Where did the inspiration come from to create beautiful signature cocktails for weddings?
The cocktails came about mostly because I like playing! I add the liqueur to puddings, casseroles and of course cocktails. Because of the high fruit content of the liqueurs, they really explode with flavour, and the colours are amazing! It seemed a natural thing to use them in cocktails which would marry well with the flavour but not overpower the taste. Creating organic cocktails is so much fun.


How do our lovely bride-to-be go order your liqueurs?
We love the idea of having organic fruit cocktails for weddings. They are so light and refreshing, and look so beautiful with petals bobbing on the top, they’re like fairy tale drinks. Above all, being organic and full of fruit and with such honesty and integrity in the product, it feels like a lovely way to start married life. We sell locally in the Cotswolds, but we also sell online, and have our miniatures now in gift boxes, which would also make lovely presents for the ushers etc. You could also personalise them with your own labels, if you wanted to go a step further.


If you’d like to find out any further information on Gibson’s Organics, please pop over to their website, Facebook or Twitter page.

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