Wedding Ring Guide – A Guest Post with Marlows Diamonds

Selecting your wedding ring is undoubtedly a major commitment, second only to actually marrying one another!
This piece of jewellery will not only carry a huge sentimental value, but is something that you will hopefully wear for the rest of your married lives together. It’s important that you make the right decision and Marlows Diamonds have put together a helpful guide to assist you.


  • Start by selecting the right metal for you. 18 Carat Gold is a traditional choice, offering both purity of the gold, plus durability. However, yellow gold isn’t for everyone; I know that personally, I opted for white gold due my own preference and taste.
  • If you’re looking for something a bit different, you could also consider a satin or brushed finish as opposed to a polished, shiny metal.
  • Consider your lifestyle and the size of your hand when choosing your wedding ring. If you have petite, smaller hands, then it may be more logical to choose a delicate ring design.
  • The possibilities for your wedding ring really are endless, and you don’t have to settle for a straightforward plain band. You could look into patterns, or quirky shapes, and maybe even consider working with a designer to create your dream wedding ring.
  • An extravagant engagement ring may lead to a bespoke wedding ring design anyway if you cannot find an “off the peg” ring to match.
I’ve picked out a selection of my favourite engagement and wedding rings from Marlows to inspire you…
Heart Cut Engagement Ring


Full Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond-Set Wedding Band


Four Stone Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond Ring


The Marlow family has been trading within the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham for over three generations and have extensive knowledge and experience that means that they can advise you on the perfect wedding ring for you and your husband-to-be.
You can also be rest assured that the majority of the diamonds that you purchase from Marlows will be independently certified. With a wide range of styles, designs and finishes to suit all budgets and occasions, you are in safe hands
For more information, visit the website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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