Old, New, Borrowed, Blue – Mela Mela Vintage Guest Post

Mela Mela Vintage is a beautiful vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories shop, based in Teddington in Middlesex. They join us on Dotty Vintage Weddings to discuss one of the timeless wedding sayings… Old, New, Borrowed, Blue.


Having a bright shiny and new wedding these days feels like a thing of the past. Now the big day everyone wants is a vintage one. Wedding rings are no longer bought new from Tiffany’s, they’re painstakingly chosen from precious family collections or vintage jewellery shops. Dresses, once made to order, are now bought online or from high street vintage shops.
But what about all those wedding traditions? Surely they shouldn’t be cast aside in the quest for the ultimate vintage wedding? As purists, we thought it might be fun to look at the one all of us are most familiar with; old, new, borrowed & blue – to see what we could come up with.
As a precursor; there really doesn’t seem to be much about weddings that you can’t improve (in our opinion) with a sprinkling of vintage. We could have gone on for pages, but here are our slimmed down thoughts on options for your borrowed, blue & old items.


“Something Old”
When it comes to buying the perfect dress, some can’t imagine ever wearing something second hand or vintage. But for those of you who can; why not make your wedding dress even more special and have it as your something old? There are many boutiques and websites, which sell vintage wedding dresses to soon-to-be brides. But if this seems a little impersonal, why not ask around your loved ones? The idea of getting married in the same dress as what your mother, or grandmother did, fills some with absolute delight and adds another personal touch to your vintage style wedding.


“Something Borrowed”
When you think of this saying, your mind usually jumps to items such as your mothers wedding veil or a friend’s car to transport you to your venue. But this idea really can be extended to pretty much everything, including décor. In need of an array of old chairs to seat your guests? Well ask around. Friends, family, neighbours, even local businesses may be able to help out. And if you opt for a sit down meal, or even cocktails, scourer through every cupboard you can find in search of cute teacups and saucers, serving dishes and plates and jars. Add a ribbon or a decorative straw to those items you wish to serve drinks out of and voila, you have yourself your something borrowed.


“Something Blue”
When it comes to that ‘something blue’ the vintage fashion options really are bigger than you would think. Typically you wouldn’t see the ‘blue’ item on the bride, but we are of the mindset ‘if you love it, let it show’! Our two top choices are a subtle and period matching vintage brooch or a blue diamanté hair pin (assuming you have an up-do).
Brooches can sometimes overpower, so pick one with subtleties and a translucent blue which brings out the dress. If you are concerned that the brooch simply won’t work – attach it to the inside!
Hair pins are making a big resurgence of late. We have seen some fabulous 20s, 30s & 50s pins, typically diamanté heavy which really do transform a hairdo and add a massive amount of vintage style. Again; look for a light blue diamanté or a mixture of regular & blue.


If you want to do the vintage blue, but not the fashion; consider using wild flowers, tied together with string. Using flowers be it in your bouquet, or tucked into suit breast pockets, can be the perfect way to add the finishing touches to an outfit, as well as injecting that something blue into your big day. Some beautiful blue flowers to consider are bluebells, agapanthus or delphinium. Or ask your local florist for a recommendation of which blue flowers would be available to you.


Adding small vintage touches to your wedding dress or outfit can really make you look and feel special. Hopefully this article has highlighted that in the whole mad event that is your vintage wedding, the little details can be fun if given proper thought. Whatever you decide for your something old, something borrowed and something blue, we wish you the best of luck in your coming big day and for the future.
This article was written by Nick Williams. Nick works at Mela Mela Vintage, a boutique in Teddington. At Mela Mela Vintage you will find original vintage wedding dresses and a huge selection of vintage jewellery.

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