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Alternative Wedding BlogA little over three years ago, I put down the digital ink and haven’t picked it up again since.

After many hours of tea, sweat and tears, I decided to call time on the epic adventure that had been Dotty Vintage Weddings. This creative hive of activity had etched itself into the architecture of my everyday life and had started quite by accident; a wedding blog that was initially a hobby and blossomed into a thriving business all within a couple of years.

By October 2014, I had produced five issues of the print magazine, hundreds of pieces of content, a buzzing social media community, juggled Dotty with a full-time job and planned a bloody good wedding. As we jetted off on our well-earned honeymoon, it was the first break I had given myself in longer than I could remember.

I don’t recall the exact timeline and every conversation that led me to officially throw into the towel, but I had hit the proverbial wall long before our wedding day. The creative juices had stopped flowing, and my labour of love had turned into, well, just labour.

And yet somehow, on this rainy little evening in Cornwall, I find myself sat in front of my laptop once more, crafting the first piece of content I’ve written in well over a thousand days. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

So, where on earth have you been for three years?

In a nutshell, I’ve been quite busy with life, the universe and everything in between. Happily married, we’ve moved twice since I closed down Dotty, once just up the road, and the second to a completely new town. The newest and biggest addition to the household is a wonderful creature called Bear; our first dog, a German Shepherd, 9 months old and growing fast! No children for Mr Dotty and I just yet, but it’s definitely on the cards for some point in the future.

Career wise, I’ve been on quite a journey. From leaving my day job as a Customer Services Manager (which I worked at alongside Dotty), to heading up the digital team at a media agency, I’ve meandered along a varied path but utilised all of the skills that I built whilst running my own business. My most recent and current role as a Marketing Manager has given me some phenomenal opportunities to travel the world, something I am incredibly grateful for.

So, what happened to Dotty Vintage Weddings? 

Those of you who used to follow the brand closely would have probably been left wondering what on earth happened when I disappeared off the face of the planet.

After I decided to walk away, the blog and the social media channels sat dormant for around 12 months, with no activity or updates. If I’m being brutally honest, I couldn’t even muster the energy to delete everything, and so it sat unloved and gathering dust on the world wide web.

I was then approached by a couple of people who were interested in taking on the brand and kickstarting the business. With no desire to do this myself anytime soon, I handed everything over without much of a second thought, and tried not to look back. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t have a huge pang of guilt the moment I confirmed the transfer, and realised that I was no longer “Dotty”.

Despite the best of intentions and due to circumstances outside of their control, the new owners didn’t get Dotty going again in the end, and after a few well-timed emails, I’ve found myself back in the driving seat. Funny the twists and turns life throws at you when you least expect it!

So, what will we see from Dotty Vintage Weddings in 2018?

Dotty will still be everything that her old followers remember; pushing boundaries, featuring inspirational content that doesn’t conform to the norm and offering a guiding hand during those stressful wedding planning months from someone who has been there, done that, and got the wrinkles to prove it.

I still love all things vintage, but this time around, my priority is giving both brides and wedding suppliers a stomping ground to get creative. There’s something of a wedding industry revolution brewing down here in the South West, and with an exciting new partner this time around (all will be revealed very soon), Dotty will become a hub of the unexpected, the exciting, the unusual, the unique, and the downright awesome. I also hope to start producing the magazine again, so watch this space!

She needs a little bit of work doing does old Dotty, so bear with me while the brand and the website have a much needed facelift. It’ll be back very soon with a fresh new look and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

For now, my lovely Dotty readers (and man, does it feel good to write that again), all the best.

Laura aka: the one, the only, Mrs Dotty xxx

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