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I had one of those ‘Isn’t it a really small world sometimes?’ moments on Twitter last week. I received a lovely message from Peta, who runs the fabulous Peta’s Vintage Boutique.
Peta's Vintage BoutiqueWe started chatting and I was really keen to feature the beautiful jewellery and accessories that Peta stocked. I was surprised when Peta said that she was originally from Cornwall, but completely shocked when she said she was from Looe – the home of Dotty Vintage Weddings!
Something clicked, and we realised that we had actually gone to school together, albeit briefly, before Peta had moved away to Spain when she was 12. She’s still there now, and runs her online boutique as her full-time job.
When did you set up Peta’s Vintage Boutique? Who works ‘behind the scenes’?
Peta’s Vintage Boutique was set up in January 2012. I didn’t have a job and after a few months of job searching there was just no luck. At the time, I was so upset and frustrated but I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and not finding a job certainly happened for this reason! My mum, Jill, had read a story about a business that had started from nothing and asked me if I’d like to do a challenge , as anything was worth a shot. I laughed at her and said come on then we’ll give it a go!
First we completed online surveys as it had to start from nothing so not a penny was invested. We made £1 each. The next part of the challenge was to double our £1. We each bought an item of vintage jewellery and cleaned it up, researched it and then listed it on eBay. To our amazement we’d managed to double our money on each of our items and made £2! We were hooked to say the least. Slowly but surely it snowballed and with my love of vintage I decided to set up my own boutique.
I work so hard to keep the boutique running smoothly but I wouldn’t be able to do it without my mum who is incredibly supportive and makes our upcycled restyled vintage collection from broken vintage jewellery. My lovely sister is a photographer and does most of the photography as well as sometimes running our social media networks on Facebook and Twitter. If you speak to someone on there it’ll either be Jess or myself.
Peta's Vintage Boutique
What inspired your business? And why vintage?
I think the challenge inspired my business and also the need to make something out of my life and have a job that I adored. I love every second of my day and I can honestly say it never feels like work. Since I was little, vintage has always been a huge part of my life, my grandmothers dressing up box was filled with amazing treasures from the 20’s, 40’s and best of all 60’s! I have always had a slight obsession with vintage tea cups and teapots but most of all my favourite pastime was always visiting the National Park Country Houses and hearing the building’s history. History has always fascinated me. I can spend hours day dreaming about the history and stories a certain piece can tell.
Are your pieces genuine vintage? Will I get a one-off piece?
Our pieces are genuine vintage all sourced individually, we only stock items that we have fallen head over heels in love with. If we are passionate about an item I think it rubs off on our lovely customers so we won’t stock something we don’t love. Even our upcycled restyled collection is made from broken vintage jewellery. We hate to throw anything away even if it is broken so it is all made into new pieces.
You will always get a one-off piece; there are no replicas or reproduction pieces. That is why we love vintage! We get so many amazing wonderful pieces come in and we never see the same piece twice.
I’m planning a vintage wedding, do you stock any bridal jewellery or accessories?
We do stock bridal jewellery and accessories for both brides and bridesmaids. Here are a few of our absolute favourites…
Peta's Vintage Boutique
This Art Deco Silver Necklace is breathtaking. It features a wonderful topaz tear drop stone. This arrived so dirty, you couldn’t tell that it was silver or even see the stone! It took us 3 weeks of extensive and very careful cleaning but the results were so worth it. £100
Peta's Vintage Boutique
1930’s Stunning Vintage Bridesmaids Jewellery Set. It’s items like this that make me day dream and imagine the wonderful stories they could tell! It is missing one of the diamanté stones but we think it just adds to the wonderful romance of the piece, I wonder if it was ever worn? I love the original “For The Bridesmaid” tag. £24.99
Peta's Vintage Boutique
This is one from our collection of upcycled restyled pieces. The blue stones are Art Deco and this was made by Jill, with a bride especially in mind so it can be her something new, something old and something blue all at the same time. £59.99
Peta's Vintage Boutique
Finally there is this 1950’s Retro Wedding Set which comes in the original box! I love the classic bride jewellery vibe this has. £24.99
The are quite a few more wonderful bridal pieces, I only picked my favourite 4 as I will ramble on for days! I love vintage so much.
I’d love a piece from your boutique, how do I go about placing an order? How much is shipping?
Placing an order is really simple on our website there is a “Buy Now” button next to every item. Just press this and it will take you straight through to PayPal. We only accept PayPal as we feel this is the safest and easiest option for our customers. We always offer free worldwide shipping.
Peta's Vintage Boutique
Interested in finding out more?
I can’t wait to place my first order with Peta! She has some truly beautiful pieces available on the boutique, but don’t forget, everything is one of a kind, so if you see something you love, be quick!
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What’s lovely about speaking with someone like Peta is that you can tell she has a genuine passion for vintage. She also runs a blog alongside her boutique, with valuable hints and tips and personal reflections. I particularly liked this video, which offers advice on matching vintage jewellery with everyday outfits.
Visit Peta’s Blog
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