The Wonderful World of Pinterest

Charlotte joins us once more on Dotty, and this time, she delves into the wonderful online wedding world of Pinterest.


The emergence of Pinterest has been one of the greatest yet most simple ways for us to collate all of our wedding prettiness in one place. From cake ideas to favours, garden party inspiration to black tie events, Pinterest has become the holy grail of wedding ideas.
Planning a wedding theme can be a minefield of confusion, from colour palettes to flowers and everything in between, gathering the inspiration in one easy to find place used to be super difficult. Yes, it’s easy to tear up your favourite wedding mags and stick the pictures in a book, but carrying it around with you could become quite the chore. Here’s where Pinterest comes in to save the day!


Pinterest is just like a scrapbook – yet it’s online and all in one safe place. Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering why on earth we are discussing Pinterest, but the thing is, there are so so many brides out there who have actually never heard about it – yes, its true!
Here are 5 things you should know about Pinterest
  • Sign up to Pinterest! – Sign up, get the app and just browse. Add the Pinterest app to your home screen so you can remind yourself as you’re out and about.
  • Follow people or companies you like – Get a feel for their design work or for the styling services available. Many businesses use Pinterest like a portfolio so you can get a good idea of the standard of their work.
  • Create boards for your pins – Don’t just label everything a ‘wedding ideas’ board. Break it down into sections like cake ideas, vintage dresses, hair accessories etc. You can even go as far as individual flower colours instead of a generic flower category – have as much fun as you like naming your boards.
  • Secret boards – Have a few boards for your top secrets. Maybe you’re planing a few hidden elements to your wedding day and here is the perfect place to hide all your ideas! You can choose to share these boards with who you want, be it your florist, your bridesmaids or even your future mother-in-law!
  • Pin as you go! – You’re stood in the line waiting to pay for your weekly food shop, why not check Pinterest and pin away?! If you get five minutes in your day, have a browse through a few wedding boards to see if there’s anything new you like!
  • Create a shared board – Pinterest has the ability to create shared boards that only a select amount of people can pin to. Maybe create a shared ‘hen party ideas’ board for you and your hens, then if anyone has an idea they can pin it to your board for you all to consider.


Happy pinning!! You can find Dotty Vintage Weddings on Pinterest – here!
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Credit; 1. Kimberly Chau via 100 Layer Cake

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