How to plan a Vintage Honeymoon

So, once you’ve put all your best efforts into creating your dream, gorgeous, vintage wedding, you probably don’t want to spoil it by changing into a fluorescent going away outfit, jumping in your new husband’s Audi A3, and flying off to Ibiza! (Or, maybe you do, in which case – variety is the space of life, enjoy!)
If you want to ensure the vintage theme doesn’t break up toward the end of the night, consider some of my suggestions for transitioning into a perfectly vintage honeymoon!
Traditionally, and in all the films you see of weddings from a certain era, the newlyweds would change in to their ‘going away outfit’, which was almost as important as the wedding dress. One lady from the film In Her Shoes, now approaching 80, was asked ‘When did you feel the most beautiful?’, and answered, ‘On my wedding day, in my going away outfit. I wore a tailored suit, I felt like Jackie Kennedy!’


My friend who recently got married in Greece didn’t change out of her wedding dress before ‘retiring’ at the end of the wedding, but we were all on holiday with her staying at the same hotel. When we saw them the next morning and they were leaving to go on honeymoon to Venice, her outfit was gorgeous! A really nice navy & cream striped well-fitting summer dress, made of 100% cotton – she just looked like a lady, while the rest of us had on shorts & vests around the pool nursing our hangover. She stood out from the rest – I guess that’s why she was the one getting married!
Pale pink brogues Boden Johnnie B collection AW13
My top tip is to find a dress which you feel comfortable in – unlike 2 part combinations, a dress can’t hitch up or make you look frumpy in ways it didn’t on the mannequin. Also, find a blazer to pop over it, and complete with some smart pastel flat brogues – really authentic looking and available everywhere at the moment as they’re so on trend. And flats are a must! After all, you may be travelling for a long while before you get to take the outfit off!
Your going away outfits are also the ideal first instance to take command of your new husband’s wardrobe! How about some beige chinos and a fresh starched polo shirt with boat shoes, and a chunky knit or blazer for him also?
Luggage & Transport
I don’t know about you, but I often spend weekend trips with all my toiletries falling out of my much loved gym bag, whilst all my clothes are stuffed into a hand luggage sized wheelie suitcase. Don’t be like me in your wedding car and have all your personal contents spilling across the back seat for all your guests to see as you drive off!
Why not think about purchasing some matching vintage luggage for your new family? You don’t even need to spend a fortune on this as you can buy second hand leather luggage on eBay for really reasonable prices, just make sure the zippers are still working! A couple of large leather holdalls, or even a vintage floral suitcase or two will be perfect with your theme – and you’ll be proud of them for years to come when they come around the airport conveyor belt and you know for a fact that they’re yours without having to check labels!
As well as making sure you and your luggage look the part for your big send off, you’ll want your transport to be in keeping with the theme! And you DEFINITELY don’t want to have your husband or God forbid yourself driving your wedding car! The feminism of it would be extremely modern, not at all vintage. Obviously ideally your driver would wear driving cap and gloves, but depending on who you rope in that might make a difference!
So, to the car. Does anyone you know have Morris, Bentley or a Jaguar? Or an older car that’s still looking great and running reliably? Failing that, why not book in a chauffeured transfer service down to Stansted airport (ignoring the fact that Essex doesn’t really suit ‘vintage’)? I’m sure they’ll have drivers in appropriate traditional driver costume!
Now, the destination, and the budget, are also factors which you can decide to go traditional on! How many of our parents afforded the luxury of Mauritius or Maldives, Hawaii or Mexico for their honeymoons? Probably none! In previous decades it would have been much more common to venture to the Cotswolds or Devon, or Ireland or Scotland for your first holiday together as a married couple. You’d have a lot of fresh air, time alone without too much intrusion, and hopefully at least a bit of sun! In those days, a honeymoon to Paris, Rome, Venice, or Barcelona was an absolute luxury! Many of these destinations have so much to offer, and the history of these European cities really does give a holiday that extra romantic and vintage touch, in my opinion.


What’s more – traditionally people wouldn’t get into so much debt in order to fund a wedding and honeymoon, so don’t put pressure on yourself to keep up with the Joneses! You’ll be the one on top when your marriage is more successful by not starting out with a mountain of unmanageable debt! Go somewhere you’ve not been before, that is steeped in history, with beaches and foreign cuisine – or return to a childhood family holiday destination to share with your beloved.
It’s also of course entirely traditional for the groom to plan and book the honeymoon, as a surprise to the bride! You may have to mention this to your groom now though, as many men don’t seem to remember this little responsibility. It’s a great start to a marriage to each pull your own weight, and to each be proud of, pleased by, and thankful for each other’s efforts, as well as learning patience with each other if the worst should happen and he screws it up! It doesn’t really matter in the end does it – you’ll be together and even a challenging honeymoon will strengthen your relationship, and there’ll be future holidays to plan together.
Thanks to Hannah Campbell for the article.
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