Real Wedding Feature – Kieran & Joanne

Kieran & Joanne tied the knot on 26th October 2013, and their lovely wedding was captured by Diamonds and Doodles.


Joanne tells me, “Kieran and I met the new-fashioned way…on the internet via a dating site. I had been on it for four very long years and I was Kieran’s first date. We met on the last day of term (I am a teacher) in July 2011. We squeezed an extra two dates in before our official second date to owl sanctuary and have been together ever since!

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We got engaged on our first anniversary at Alnwick Treehouse. We had visited Alnwick in the very early days of our relationship and had a wonderful time at the Treehouse. We both later said that it was during this trip we both knew it was the “real thing”. Kieran proposed on bended knee with my dream ring and it was completely perfect.
We were married my Kieran’s Mum Lydia, who is a vicar. We had our reception at The York in Sheffield, a bespoke pub serving craft beers and cocktails, where we had our first date.

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How did you approach wedding planning? What did you hope to achieve?
Our main objective was to plan a wedding that reflected us both as people. We knew we didn’t want anything “typical” but didn’t really know what that meant we did want! The plan evolved over time and I was really proud of everything we achieved on the day. Most importantly, we wanted the fact we were going to be married at the end of it to be the most important factor and that we wanted as many of our friends and family to be a part of that – that affected our choice of ceremony time, food and venue.
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We also had no intention of spending a fortune and whilst we did go over budget the whole day ended up costing less than £4k. In terms of the “look” I hoped to achieve a vibe of romance but with an essence of quirkiness and individuality that would just result in being a great party, with great company and an excess of excellent food and drink!

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Did you have a theme in mind for your special day?
Not at first, but as time went by my love of owls seemed to take over! I started with a pantone colour wheel and everything went from there from the invites, to flowers, to my jewellery, to the cake to the dresses my closest friends wore. It worked really well.

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What would your top tips be for somebody planning their wedding?
The details you spend ages on do matter and no matter what anyone tells you, people do notice and they do remember and when you get complimented on the day it will make you feel wonderful. Really give thought to how you want to represent yourselves on the day, I found the colour theme and our owl “logo” really pulled everything together on the day and gave everything a flow.
Choose your suppliers carefully and be nice to them! They are all pieces of the jigsaw and it’s great when the fit together with ease.

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Don’t forget what is important. It’s your wedding day, but it is just a day and marks something much greater – your marriage. Try not to stress about other people too much. Make sure you and your future husband/wife are happy and everything else will fall into place.


Wedding Credits :
Wedding Ceremony Venue – St Oswald’s Church, Sheffield
Wedding Reception Venue – The York, Sheffield
Photographer – Shelley Richmond, Diamonds and Doodles
Wedding Dress, Accessories and Shoes – True Bride, purchased from Blushes, Sheffield
Groom’s Attire & Accessories & Shoes – Next
Hair, make up & beauty – Mirror Mirror Bridal Beautification, Chesterfield
Table Name/Cards – Peaches and Chilli 
Wedding Cake – Cakes by Allyson, Sheffield
Transportation – Timeless Classic
Entertainment – Broken Saints
Florist – Swallows and Damsons, Sheffield

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