Moodboard Monday – Spots and Stripes Wedding

spots and stripes wedding
There’s no doubt in my mind that picking a theme or colour scheme for your wedding is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning.
I’m getting hitched next September and still haven’t finalised my colour choices. For me, it’s even trickier because my dress isn’t going to be white – well, sort of white, sort of not… That’s all I’m giving away for now! But choosing a dress that incorporates colour has implications on choosing a suitable colour scheme too.
The theme on Dotty this week is going to be focused around including patterns in your wedding day palette. Faye has put together a fabulous spots and stripes wedding moodboard for you to enjoy, and later in the week, Rebecca will delve deeper into the world of patterned weddings. Rather than limiting yourself to maybe one or two colours, why not opt for an entire colour palette to sample from, and chuck in a couple of patterns or textures, just for good measure?
Unsurprisingly, I’m a huge fan of polka dots (No, really, how did you tell?). I find them cute, quirky and playful; I particularly love the little dotty handkerchief in the Groom’s suit. Traditionally, stripes are quite evocative of a nautical theme, but used with black and white as per the moodboard below, I actually think they can look really contemporary. But using them together adds a real sense of texture and interest – demonstrating how patterns can work nicely alongside one another – opposites really do attract!
Spots & Stripes
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** B&W Backdrop  **  Dotty Hanky  **  Polka Dot Balloon  **  Stripey Socks  **

spots and stripes wedding

You can find more of Faye’s wonderful design work on her Facebook Page. She also has the most beautiful bespoke and vintage range of Wedding Stationery, an absolute MUST if you’re organising a vintage wedding!
If you’re stuck with your wedding day theme, and would like to chat to other brides and wedding suppliers, then please remember to sign up for the Vintage Wedding Forum on Dotty Vintage Weddings. The Forum is the perfect place to discuss your ideas, your worries, and even your pesky relatives if need be!
Until next Monday!
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