A Touch of Vintage Class – Achieve that perfect vintage look

We’re delighted to have celebrity and bridal session hair stylist Vicki Lord share some of her top tips on achieving a vintage look in the right way.

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I have had the privilege of designing and styling the hair for many brides, and it is becoming more and more popular to go vintage. When you look at certain eras, it is no surprise that even today, the world of fashion, hair and make-up are constantly inspired by these past decades. The idea of transforming into a glamorous bride with the hair and fashion of another era is really exciting because it is something that most of us do not have the opportunity to do, unlike the Hollywood actresses such as Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and the likes of Judi Dench – all have the regular pleasure to dress up in acting roles and on the red carpet. So when it comes to your wedding day, you can literally be as glamorous as you want. Here are my top tips for vintage weddings:
Choose an era and stick to it
Whilst some decades do merge well as far as fashion and style is concerned, the last thing you want is for your wedding to look confused or mixed-up. So opting for 1930s-1940s is possible and will work better than 1930s-1950s, or even mixing decades. This continuity is super-important when teaming your dress and accessories, with your hairstyle. A beehive just isn’t going to compliment an elegant ivory gown inspired by Downton Abbey for example. Instead this hairdo would go great with a short white dress – Twiggy style, with bold accessories. The 1920s-1930s gown would be topped-off perfectly with a Marcel wave, paired with dazzling hair accessories or earrings, just like Lacey, photographed on her wedding day by Kerry Ann Duffy.
When I saw Lacey’s dress, and the venue, I knew instantly the best hairstyle to finish the look – creating an overall glamorous, aristocratic image and making the bride feel every inch the part for her special day.
1932283_1413821085543452_84440080_nYou have to decide if you are planning to involve your guests in on the theme.
Perhaps the main members such as the bridesmaids and best man will be dressed in your chosen vintage style, but be mindful that some guests may see it as an invitation to go all out and hire over-the-top costumes, making your wedding look less elegant and more pantomime. On this note, remember it is vital that you and your hubby-to-be are on the same page with the theme. Does he like the era? Or will he be dressing in modern attire? You can still add a subtle touch to your look – even if everything else is modern. Just ensure it is subtle.
More on subtlety!
Don’t go overboard with your theme, because it can look more tacky than classy. It is often the small touches that add the magic – the right hair, the perfect dress, even the design of the rings, the details on the cake, the style of the invites – they all need to be in-keeping with your theme, but remember this is a wedding and the most important day of your life – so keep it classic, realistic, and I may have already said this – Keep it SUBTLE!
Back to the hair!
Well, it is what I do, and what I love… Don’t get disheartened if you want a particular look but you feel that your hair is not suited to the era you want to step back in time to. Ask your wedding hair stylist to try some looks out with hair extensions, and accessories. Balmain do a fantastic range of clip-ons and clip-ins, they even offer realistic fringes – so if you want a 1950s ponytail but you don’t have the length or the bangs, these are all options worth a try. And make sure you do try before the day – your hair stylist hopefully offers a package, where you have a consultation, and a trail, so that everything runs smoothly to plan and to time on your special day.
FringeThe last and most important tip – is to create a mood-board.
Not only will this help you positively envision your day, but it will also give your make-up artist, and hair stylist an idea of what you really want. So choose an era, and write down on your mood-board all of the words that you associate with that era, then all of the words that you want to feel on your wedding day, i.e. elegant, sexy, glamourous etc. Then you may want to think of somebody inspirational to your look from that era – perhaps Audrey Hepburn, or Grace Kelly, even Madonna. And once you have done this it is time for the fun bit – finding photos, colours, etc and attaching them to your board. You can search online, or tear papers from magazines. Once you have finished your mood-board print it out if you have done it on the computer, and pin it up so you can see it every day while you are planning your wedding.
So in a nutshell, have continuity, be true to that era, be subtle, have a fabulous relevant hairstyle, and visualize your perfect vintage wedding.

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