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A lovely new business takes to the stage on Dotty Vintage Weddings – a very warm welcome to bedazzledpompoms!


When did you start the business, and what was your inspiration for doing so?
I was inspired by my own wedding last year when I used them as décor .This gave me the inspiration to set up my own business which has been going for nearly a year.
Who works ‘behind the scenes’?
It is mainly just myself although during the really busy times in the Spring and Summer, I have two or three helpers who give me a hand.
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I’m a bride-to-be – what can you offer me for my wedding?
Having recently been a bride myself, I fully appreciate the time and effort that is involved in getting everything ‘just how you want it’ for your special day. Here at bedazzledpompoms we can help you achieve this by being extremely attentive and advising on colour options, sizes quantities and any other questions you may have.
We can provide you with pom poms for hanging in trees, ceilings or marquees, for chair sashes, garlands, napkin holders, scattering on tables or floors (which look lovely down the sides of an aisle) pomanders and shepherds crooks and even as an alternative to flowers for a bridesmaid!


What colour styles and sizes can you provide?
We have 50 colour options and there is no limit to the amount of colour choices for any one order .We have 4 sizes ranging from mini to large. Mini 5″, small 7″, medium 10″ and large 14″. All sizes are the diameter and all sizes are approximate.
The edges of the pom poms can be cut in different ways to create texture; either pointed, rounded or straight to create a ruffled look.


Are they easy to assemble?
Yes , they are very easy to assemble. To open up each pom pom gently separate each layer of tissue paper one at a time, away from the centre of the pile. Continue to separate the layers until you have created a full ball shape.
I love them! How can I purchase them?
They can be purchased from the website :
Or if you would like to discuss things further either contact me on the form on the website or by emailing me at
We are also on Facebook and enquiries can also be made on the page at

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