Wedding Planning Advice – The Build Up

The last few months before your wedding can be an incredibly stressful time.
Everyone tells you that wedding planning is a monumental task but I know that as a couple, we hugely underestimated the scale and logistics planning that we had ahead of us. We’ve been through a fair few ups and downs since we became engaged, including a complete change of venue and wedding theme, along with several wedding supplier dramas. However, I do feel as though we are finally facing the last few hurdles – there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!


For me, as a bride, it’s incredibly important that Mr Dotty and I avoid any wedding related arguments. But I know that’s often easier said than done. I’ve come up with a few helpful tips, to ease you along in those few stages of wedding planning before and on the big day itself. I think it’s really important to make sure your husband-to-be is just as involved as you are with wedding planning; it really is a time that you can enjoy together.
Spend some quality, non-wedding related time together
With your impending nuptials just around the corner, it can be easy to get home from work every evening, and automatically start thinking and talking “Wedding”. Remember that you existed as a couple before you started wedding planning, and you do both have other interests, hobbies, routines and jobs too. You could also look to organise a weekend away from the real world in the months leading up to the wedding; and ban yourselves from discussing the big day! Just be with one another and enjoy each other’s company.


Look back over your time together as a couple
If you sit down and really think about the last one, two, three, four…. however many years, as a couple – how much has changed? Did you move house, change jobs or have children? Have you graduated, learnt to drive or backpacked for a year? Thinking about how far you’ve come together as a little unit can be a great reminder as to the strength of your relationship, offering some reassurance during an exciting, but nerve-racking time.
Buy each other a special gift for the wedding day
If you decide not to see each other the night before the wedding, and certainly not on the morning of the big day, why not purchase a little sentimental surprise gift for one another? Opt for something you both can keep or possibly even use on the wedding day. For him, what about a set of cufflinks or a luxury watch? For her, what about a framed version of your wedding vows, or maybe a locket with your photo in?


See each other the night before or even on the morning of the wedding – there’s no rule that says you can’t!
Some friends of ours decided to spend the night before their wedding together at home, like a usual Friday evening. They did a vast amount of the wedding prep the day before with the help of friends and family. They even collected their own food and drink on the morning of the wedding, together! They went their separate ways to get ready of course, but I think the companionship the day before really helped to keep the nerves at bay. It’s worth considering if you’re not a traditionalist. If you don’t fancy seeing each other but wanted a quick little chat, I love it when couples hide around the corner from one another, and sometimes even hold hands – it’s always an adorable moment when captured on film.


Just remember, as long as you are married by the time this is all over, your wedding day was a success.
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