Vintage Engagement & Wedding Rings

I’ve been searching for my wedding ring this week, which is quite possibly one of the most exciting, yet challenging parts of wedding planning so far!


Committing to wear a piece of jewellery for the rest of your life is a big decision to make. So why not opt for something timeless, and source a genuine vintage wedding ring? So admittedly, I might be a bit biased towards vintage designs, but if you’re planning a truly vintage wedding day, it would be a nice touch if your jewellery was in-keeping too. I’m not saying that you necessarily need to organise a visit to the Antiques Road Show – you could of course choose a brand new ring in a vintage style – perhaps a beautiful diamond radiant cut, which actually originated in 1977.


The fabulous folk over at Wedding Rings Direct stock a hugely extensive and gorgeous range of engagement and wedding rings. If you’re looking for a vintage inspired design, then Wedding Rings Direct can help. The ability to choose your own metals and diamonds to accommodate your engagement ring and personal taste means that the possibilities are endless, but with Edwardian and Victorian inspired designs available, Wedding Rings Direct can provide you with jewellery with a truly vintage twist.

Vintage-Engagement-Rings-2 (1)

Wedding Rings Direct also offer a beautifully bespoke service for both wedding and engagement rings. All too often, brides will opt for or be surprised with a gorgeous shaped engagement ring, perhaps a Z-Shape or a decorative twist – which is all well and good, until you try to match a wedding ring to it! Wedding Rings Direct have created some truly unique designs to accommodate innovative shapes. I love this example below, where the engagement ring was framed by the wedding band.
I also adore this vintage inspired engagement ring (shown below), with a cushion cut centre stone. Sourcing a genuine vintage engagement or wedding ring comes with a few logistical considerations that shouldn’t be overlooked. Bear in mind that vintage or antique pieces have been subject to many years of wear and tear, and could be internally cracked or damaged. If you are passed a family heirloom, depending on the sentimental attachment, you could always consider melting it down to incorporate into a bespoke design, rather than wearing the original piece. This way, you can still express your own creativity, but the vintage piece is still very much included.


Wedding Rings Direct have a super duper Buyer’s Guide on their website, which outlines the entire process of choosing your wedding ring – from the type of metal, through to getting that all important size just right. You can read the Guide here.
With extensive collections, a bespoke service, and affordable prices, I’d highly recommending taking a look on the Wedding Rings Direct website, and don’t forget to ‘Like’ them on Facebook, and ‘Follow’ them on Twitter too!

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