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One of our Dotty blog sponsors is the lovely Zankyou, who provide wedding advice and guidance, along with wedding lists and websites for the tech-savvy bride and groom.

Zankyou Wedding Website

Setting up a wedding website for your special day enables you to easily manage your wedding day plans online. Zankyou offer a free wedding website, which can be fully customised and personalised to suit you as a couple. You can build your own website on Zankyou, selecting your perfect fonts, colours, layouts and even match it with your wedding stationery to keep things consistent. It’s also a great way of giving your guests a little sneaky peek of what’s to come!


One of the biggest logistical challenges when it comes to organising a wedding is the guest list. Keeping track of who can and can’t make it, the endless phone calls asking to confirm the date, the time, the menu, the parking – nightmare! Zankyou gives you an easy-to-use platform that can act as the signpost for your guests prior to the wedding day. You can add all the necessary details – anything from maps and directions, accommodation details and even a wedding day countdown to build the excitement for everyone.


Your website website can also accept RSVP’s online and you can even set up your table plan too, keeping your wedding plans streamlined and cohesive. It can be difficult to stay organised, and with RSVP’s dropping through the letterbox, or some guests ringing you or dropping you a message on Facebook, it might be wiser to direct them onto one set platform to respond to your invitations – which is where Zankyou can help.


I’m getting married in September of this year, and I can tell you from my own personal experience – your engagement will fly by in the blink of an eye. Honestly, when we became engaged last Christmas, 18 months seemed like a lifetime to plan a wedding, and yet I wish we’d been more organised!! We’ve got paperwork all over the place, and multiple (and fairly random) financial spreadsheets. I feel as though a wedding website could have offered us a more logical way to document our plans as we went along.


The wedding website from Zankyou is also very secure, with password protection giving only your nearest and dearest access to that all important information. And, giving you a complete online wedding management solution, why not add on your wedding gift list with Zankyou too? If you aren’t enamoured with the department store catalogues, why not mix and match your gift list, giving people the opportunity to contribute to items you really, truly would like or maybe even to your honeymoon?


In my opinion, anything that can make the wedding planning process that little bit easier has to be a good thing, and Zankyou offer just that!
Photo Credits Р(1) Wedding Website Design from Zankyou (2) RSVP Invite from Magik Moments on Etsy (3) Carolina Weddings Magazine (4) Wedding Gift List Design from Zankyou 

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